By Kathy Jager – Educational Director, Beauty Industry Speaker, Trainer, Cosmetologist at Kathy Jager & Associates
Today’s Cosmetologist go to school thinking that they are going to leave with everything they need to go out and have a successful career. They arrive with their dreams of being a super star stylist, owning their own businesses and taking on the world of beauty, all… on the day after graduation. Little do they know that it is only the beginning of their education? That the real work, the hard work, the challenge to put their skills to work has just begun.

Beauty School is a cosmetologist foundation. It is where you learn the basics with a few highlights on what this industry is all about. It provides you with the important elements to get you motivated and excited to begin your career. The truth is that it is just that… the beginning. What you need to best online casino know is that your career in cosmetology is going to be an on-going journey of continual education and self –discovery.

Here are the top 10 things I wish I knew…female-hair-stylists

1. Accommodation is the way to build my business.

2. Chair -Side manners is an acquired skill.

3. Flexibility needs to be something I am comfortable with.

4. Attitude, my attitude will create my happiness.

5. Listen way more than I talk.

6. Appearance show cases who I am as a professional.

7. Organization shows how I value my career.

8. Communication is what the beauty business is all about.

9. Don’t rush success, I need the lessons.

10. Wear rubber sole shoes!