DryerDryer vents allow air to pass through the dryer motor, guarding the motor against exhaustion and overheating. Dryer filters catch dust, hair and product that would otherwise settle in the salon. Cleaning your dryer vent, including the filter on a weekly basis will protect the motor and help maintain consistent and clean airflow.


1.Unplug dryer.

2.Twist vent to open.

3.Wash mesh insert and filter cap under warm water and set aside to air-dry completely.


4.Using a damp cloth or unused toothbrush, carefully remove all dust from the metal filter. Allow the component to air-dry completely.

Repeat every week.


IronA clean styling iron is crucial for achieving professional results and making a good impression on customers. Regularly washing the barrel or plates to remove residue buildup from the thermal sprays, silicone-based products and hairsprays will help keep the tool in tip-top condition.


1.Unplug iron.

2.Clean the iron with water and a cloth. Most harsh cleaners and countertop sprays are highly discouraged, however, a safe cleaner option is Ship Shape Appliance Cleaner. Other products can leave residue that should not be combined with high temperatures.

Repeat at the end of each full working day.

Maintenance tips from Paul Mitchell.