Cavarcia Bivens-Walker, a Great Clips Stylist in Minnesota.

Nearly six months ago, Cavarcia Bivens-Walker began her career as a hairstylist and much to her surprise it began at Great Clips. “Total honesty, never in a million years did I think I’d come to Great Clips [because] there are no chemical services”, recalls Cavarcia. Though ultimately, she was drawn to the company when she learned of Great Clips Academy which provides additional training and education.

Upon completion of the advanced training, Cavarcia was excited to get on the salon floor and start cutting hair without having to worry about finding customers first. She says, [at Great Clips] our job is not to go find people and to be honest, I don’t want to. Our job is to provide a great haircut so that they return.”

At her Arbor Lakes salon, Cavarcia proudly attests to the creative opportunites Great Clips affords her. “At our salon [some customers] come in getting the same haircut all the time and we can say ‘have you tried this’ or ‘I think this will look good on you” based on newly learned techniques and trends.

Almost 6 months into her career with Great Clips, Cavarcia is proud of the decision to specialize in cutting hair and grateful for the advanced education. Like her, beginning stylists possess the basic skills. Cavarcia continues, “Great Clips [gives] you the confidence” to be successful.

Written by Lacy Spiess