Move over ladies, men are no longer strangers in the bathroom!

In fact, they are using our tools! Yep, we are now in an alternate universe. Lets really think about this. Having a guy who is well groomed, looks amazing and wants to spend time on his appearance might not be a bad thing. Who knows, next they might get off the couch and take us on a date! I know, wishful thinking. So lets help these men out with perfecting their haircut.

Are the men showing you pictures of a disconnection cut? It’s a popular trend that is really taking off. The question is, where do you put those darn parts? There are so many specific points on a males head to think about when placing that disconnection shape. Face shape is important to think about, so is the style, personality and hair texture. They want to look in the mirror and see perfection.

Let’s keep this simple. Read these 3 options that will impact your parting decisions.


Option 1: Place the part below the round of the headBelow 3Below 2

Placing a part below the round of the head will create a look that expands up and away from the head shape. This style tends to look bolder and more elegant with added shape and texture. This also works for the men that really want to run their fingers through long hair still.
Option 2: Place the part directly on top of the round of the headAt 2At 1
Placing the part directly on top of the round of the head is the safest place. It allows us to stack the hair above the round of the head in a way that is very close to the head and it gives us a view that is very lean and clean. This cut is the safest for the men that are experimenting with this look.
Options 3: Place the part above the round of the headHigh 1High 2
Placing the part above the round of the head creates a look that is very bold and aggressive. This cut is for the men that have clear control of their look and are wanting to turn heads!
No matter which of the three part choices that you recommend or the customer wants, it’s important to understand the shape of the head along with the hair texture. Incorporating a thorough consultation at the beginning of the service, you will be able to provide your customer with a haircut that best suits their wants and personality. What do you see in the salon most often? Where are men placing their parts? Leave your stylist expertise below in the comment section! Happy styling.