I feel like I am wearing the same outfits to work all the time…which always seems to happen to me mid-season. Being a stylist in the beauty industry, I think it’s important to look trendy and cute. With my wallet stretched to the max after all my Christmas shopping, I can’t spend much on new clothes to get me through the winter season. So here’s how I have learned to update my endless pile of tired cloths with a new fashion forward style.

 Start by evaluating the threads in your closet!

  1. Get all your clothes out and in one place!
  2. Sort your clothes into 3 piles:
  • Must keep it!
  • Let me think about it…
  • It’s time to go!
  1. After your clothes are sorted, go through all your maybes and see if you have repeating items or clothes that just don’t fit anymore. Challenge yourself to make a decision!
  2. Now toss your NO’s so you won’t be lured into wearing them again when the laundry stacks up!

Try Some Speed Purging

If that seems like a totally overwhelming project, try this simple tip: 10&2. Set a timer for 10 minutes and sort as fast as you can…your gut should tell you where to put your garment! After the 10 minutes are up, take a 2-minute break. Then repeat the process at least 4 or 5 times. This should speed along the process and get you in the groove to tackle the entire project.

 Add Some Signature Trend Pieces

Tada! Your simplified wardrobe is ready to be spiced up! To dress up and reinvigorate some of your existing outfits, add a belt, necklace or scarf in the latest trend. You can find low cost items that won’t break the bank and still add style. Step into some cute shoes and you will have an updated outfit that feels new. Remember that small additions can make a great new outfit!