From a recent poll on Facebook, it looks like one of the most sought after style guides for men”s hair is a modern pompadour! There are plenty of versions out there, so there is really no right or wrong way.  I found this great video by Amanda Bush from the Allen Ray Salon. This Video does not have any dialogue, but is a great video to learn from. I have added a step by step guide to share my interpretation of the cut below. Enjoy!



Step 1: Create a horseshoe shape parting from recession to recession including the back crown.

Step 2: Clipper around the lower part of the head to the desired length. You can use a clipper over comb technique or attach a clipper guard.

step 3: Line up the edges around the front and back online casino hairlines. Complete any detail work that is needed.

Step 4: Remove the back crown using a horizontal parting from side to side.

Step 5: Start on the Right side of the customer. Part a small horizontal section of hair just above the horseshoe parting from the crown to the front outline about 1 inch thick.

Mens-PompadourStep 6: Find the desired length in the front (Video looks to be around the temple) and elevate the hair slightly. Precision cut the hair and gradually cut the hair shorter as you work towards the crown.

Step 7: Continue the horizontal partings from crown to front outline and pull toward you to find your previous cut guide. Continue until there is no hair left to cut.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5-7 on the opposite side of the head.

Step 9: Move to the back of the head. Take vertical sections in the back crown and find your guide from the lower previously cut section. Over-direct your fingers until they are perpendicular to the floor. Move around the head in 1 inch sections until you reach the break point (around the top of the ear).

Step 10: Comb through the hair and detail the cut to the customers satisfaction.

Step 11: Style as desired. There will be a slight disconnection around the temples. Blow dry the sides forward and add lift to the front outline.