Hairstylist combing hairHaircutting should always be left to the professionals. This IS why stylists go to cosmetology school, right? As a professional hair stylist myself, I want to make people feel good about themselves in how they look. I like to give people a self-esteem boost! Plus, I like it when they tell me how good I am at my job—that is a self-esteem boost for me!

I have generated a list of 10 effective laws of haircutting that professional hairstylists should know and understand. These basic guidelines to cutting hair will help maintain an efficient work environment and consistency.

  1. Standard elevations of haircutting: 0˚- 45˚- 90˚- 180˚
  2. Hair should be evenly saturated with water.
  3. Use clean partings and sectionings.
  4. Use proper body posture when cutting.
  5. Use proper hand ergonomics with cutting tools.
  6. Be aware of the customer’s head position.
  7. Always be able to see your guide.
  8. Short hair pushes long hair and long hair follows short hair.
  9. Elevation causes graduation and the active part of hair is at the top of the head.
  10. Stand in front of the section you are cutting unless instructed otherwise.

Those are my Laws of Haircutting. What are yours? Leave a comment below! Also, check back in the near future for more in-depth hair techniques that includes these laws.