As a stylist, it’s important to engage a conversation with customers and be able to exude confidence without being arrogant! When a customer or a friendly person on the street asks “What do you do for a living”, your fast response is most likely “I’m a hairstylist”. Of course, this natural response is completely normal but it is not the most  informative answer. In fact, it falls a bit flat when it comes to engaging people in your chair and marketing for future customers.

Working to improve your elevator pitch can be easy. You need to understand who you are and your purpose as a hairstylist. It can seem a bit much, I know, but it is very simple. To really understand your purpose, answer these 5 simple questions.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Who do you do that for?
  4. What do those people want/need?
  5. What do they get out of it or how do they change as a result?


  1. My name is Shana
  2. I cut hair
  3. For people in the city I live in
  4. Who want to have their hair cut the way they want it
  5. So they can feel confident in their looks

Once you can answer these 5 questions, you can engage a better conversation with current and future customers. I recommend starting with the answer to question 1 and immediately follow it up with the answer to question 5.

(1) My name is Shana and (5) I help people so they can feel confident in their looks

By using these 5 simple questions, your introduction becomes more exciting and gains curiosity. You are now connecting with people by showing your passion for the industry and they might want to know more like “Wow, how do you do that”? You can now use the answer to questions 2 through 4:

(2) I cut hair (3) for people in the city I live in (4) who want to have their hair cut the way they want it.

Over all, as a hairstylist, you need to engage people with your elevator pitch. You can do that just by describing how people are changed as a result of what you do for a living. So what is your new elevator pitch? Share your answers to these 5 questions in the comments!