I am LOVING this look! It just screams fun, creative and sassy. Besides, as a hairdresser, I am always looking for some fun tricks and new styles. I double dare you to give this one a try. What kind of a look can you create with this technique? Share your finished look with us on The Clip Artist Facebook page. Now go…be creative…share!

From Modernsalon.com

Written by Maggie Mulhern

Creator Dawn Atkinson for the How-To.


STEP 1: Start with fresh and polished hair. Part hair with a left side part and from top of head to top of right ear.

STEP 2: Divide the right side (heavy side) in half horizontally, creating 2 subsections. Use a light weight working pomade for control and shine.

STEP 3: Start by crossing the right subsection over the left and bring left subsection up and over the top and loop down through, creating the first knot. Then add hair from top and bottom to the strands (french style) and create another knot as done previously. Continue adding hair from crown and nape repeated knots across back profile.

STEP 4: Once you get just behind left ear, incorporate left side profile and nape into knot and continue creating knots down remaining hair (just as you would with remaining hair in a french braid but knots instead.

STEP 5: Begin loosening French knot upstyle to desired result. Tuck remaining hair ends into bottom of upstyle.

**all knots are created by one loop, not two as in a square knot.

French Knot