A career in hair is more than just building relationships with customers. It also leads to lasting bonds with other stylists and beauty-industry lovers. Often the people we work with become a second family; hair-in-laws if you will—people we love, learn from, and challenge. Busy stylists may spend more time with their work family than immediate family, which is why choosing the right company to work for is so important.

Great Clips Stylists in Minneapolis

Great Clips Stylists in Minneapolis

Prime family time is over the holidays and no company does family time better than Great Clips. Renae and Gary Newport own 12 salons in the Minneapolis market comprised of 100 hair-in-laws. Of those stylists, more than 60 have remained in the family for over 5 years. Renae says, “We are proud of our committed staff and we are thankful for them each and every day”. It is important to the Newports that they celebrate the holiday with hair-in-laws by hosting a dinner complete with a family-style buffet and fabulous presents. Throughout the year Renae purchases designer purses then matches each one to its recipient’s personality. If only immediate family bought each other fabulous bags!

The teams look forward to the Newport holiday celebration where they can joke, play games, and share successes. There are always great stories to share, like the time one team member broke an ankle therefore leaving her salon short-handed. Without question and within minutes, her fellow hair-in-laws stepped up to support her and cover the full-time hours. This unwavering support happens daily. Managers check the Great Clips app to see if another salon is busy in which case they will offer to send a stylist for help. Renae maintains the reason that her salons are so helpful is because, “Great Clips is not just a group of individuals working together. It really is more of a family. We even had one of our stylists take wedding pictures at the salon where she met her husband. Many Great Clips employees were at their wedding. If that is not family, we don’t know what is”.

Story 1_Wedding2Family is at home and family is at work. Great Clips hair-in-laws are supportive, helpful, and loyal. Not to mention great gift givers! Stylists, managers, and franchisees share a sense of commitment toward promoting the well-being and growth of individual family members as well as the family unit. And that is what makes Great Clips great.

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Written by Lacy Spiess