Many new and experienced stylist always wonder, “Does the length of a shear matter?” Students and stylist should consider the many different techniques in cutting hair. So, the length of the shear DOES matter!  Shears are measured in inches and by the full length of the shear.

Shear LengthDifferent sized shears are used for different styling techniques. For example a short shear is much better suited for detailed cutting, while a longer shear is preferred for powerful and precision cutting. The standard shear size most hair stylist use is between 5” and 6”.




Compare the lengths:

Blunt cutting: For a blunt cut against the customers back or shoulders, it is recommended to use a longer shear. This will allow for a more clean line and reduce the amount of snips needed.

Shear Over Comb: Using a longer shear gives a precision cut while the comb anchors the hair. This helps give the stylist more control and efficiency in cutting.

Cutting Around the Face: Depending on the desired look, a longer shear would be more comfortable for you and the customer. Your hand will be further back from the customers face and you will be able to see the cuts you are creating.

Everyone has their personal preference on shear length, but these are some good guidelines! What length of shear is your favorite?