We all know that a stylist tool kit consists of shears, clipper, trimmers, combs and clips. When cutting men’s hair, clippers and trimmers are often the go-to tools. Together they complement each other in the haircut. So what is the difference? Why have both?

  • Wahl-Clipper and TrimmerClippers are larger in size and are able to cut larger amounts of hair at once.
  • Clippers can be used to complete an entire haircut or can used along with your shears.
  • Trimmers are smaller and designed to be used for delicate and detailed precision work.
  • Trimmers have smaller teeth and cannot handle cutting large amounts of hair at once. They are a scaled down version of a clipper and can get very close to the skin.

Caring for your clippers and trimmers

  • Clean the clipper and trimmer blades after each haircut with a clipper cleaning brush. Removing all the hair and debris helps to keep the clipper functioning properly and prevents blades from becoming dull.
  • Disinfect after each hair cut to thoroughly kill any germs. Spray the blades directly with clippercide spray designed to disinfect, lubricate and clean the metal implements.
  • Oil the blades with 2-3 drops while the blades are running to prevent rust and reduce friction.

Storing your clippers and trimmers

  • It is best to store your tools in a dry, secure place. Use a bag that is designated to store only the clipper or trimmer when they are not being used.
  • Blades should be cleaned and disinfected before storing.

Do you have other best practices for how you keep your clipper and trimmers in top shape? Share with us in the comments.