Are you tired of wearing your same old go-to style to parties? Want to try something new and different? Try one of these amazing celebrity-inspired hairstyles for your next special event. There are a variety of party hairstyles to choose from. Remember to always choose a hairstyle that suits your face and personality. All of the hairstyles below create interest and are very fashionable…don’t hesitate to give them a try. To view more sassy hairstyles, visit The Clip Artist Pinterest page!



Julianne Hough


Did you buy that amazing outfit and want to show it off? This party upstyle is perfect to showcase just that! It”s classic, modern and simple to achieve. Prep the hair with hairspray and spiral curl your hair with a medium curling iron. Back comb the hair at the top of the head so there is a lot of volume. Pull all the hair to the back of the head and pin the curls randomly! The messier the better. Now jazz up your party hairstyle with glittery hair accessories like a head band, clip, ribbon, hat, etc. Get creative!




Vanessa Hudgens





The Curly Updo is a great look for New Years parties, and never looks overdone. This hairstyle is sexy, stylish and doesn”t require a whole lot of maintenance. Prep the hair with hairspray and curl the hair with either a small or medium curling iron. After curling, use bobby pins to secure curls into place. You can leave some curls down in the front to add more softness and create a more elegant look.



Ashley Benson




If you don’t find an exquisite and totally unique hairstyle for this New Years party, then try this stunner. Leave the hair all down and add in some beautiful waves. Prep a section of hair with hairspray and wrap the hair around a medium to large size curling iron. Repeat the process around the head until all the hair tumbles the way you love. If the hair seems a bit fuzzy, run your fingers through your hair with an anti-frizz serum or a flexible working wax. Finish off with a light hairspray and let

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the party begin!




Kellie Pickler




So what about the shorties? And I don”t mean height – I”m talking about ladies with short hair. How do you dress up the same style? If you are known to keep a straight and sleek look, then bump up the style meter and add some bouncy curls. Prep a section of hair with hairspray (of course) and spiral curl each section. Repeat this process around the head until all the curls are party ready. You can never go wrong with sassy loose curls!





Maria Menounos




If you have long hair and want a more polished look, put it all up in a high bun.This elegant look can add to your glamorous threads! Pull all the hair back into a high ponytail near the crown of the head. Place a bun assistance cushion down onto the head and begin to pin the hair around the cushion. Wrap any remaining hair around the base of the bun. Spray with a firm hold hairspray to hold your locks in place. It”s simple and sleek!




Bella Thorne





Want to be daring and kick it up a notch? Try twisting up your hair into a chic and hot hairstyle that creates a festive and feminine look. Start at the top of the head and twist the hair down around the front hairline of the face till you reach the back of the head. Add as many twists as you dare! Give the back of the hair a bit of volume with some back combing. Now, create a look in the back to match your outfit! Curl the hair and leave it down for a soft, whimsical look or pin it all up to highlight the creative twists. The creativity is all up you!







You can make your hair eye-catching by wearing a braid. A braided head band look can be styled for any party as it is fresh and appealing. Braids are a great way to add fun and extra style your hairstyle. This look, worn by Rihanna, is braided around the hairline and into a low ponytail. Place the braid wherever you are most comfortable. Add a light hairspray to the hair to help with flyways before you braid. After the hair has been braided, smooth down the hair with a flexible working wax. This will help create a polished and shiny look!





I would love to hear about your celebrity inspired hairstyle! If you snapped a photo of your amazing look, share it on The Clip Artist facebook page. Happy Styling!