BarbicideMany times the topic of disinfection is overlooked, however it’s a very important topic especially for busy salons like Great Clips. Barbicide is a great product for cleaning tools but sometimes they can be confusing to use. Below are a few frequently asked questions and answers about Barbicide.

Q: How do I mix Barbicide properly?
A: Barbicide concentrate is mixed correctly by adding 2oz (1/4 cup) concentrate to 32oz of cold water. Barbicide Plus concentrate is mixed correctly by adding 1oz (2 Tbsp) of concentrate to 128oz (1 gallon) of cold water.


Q: How often should I change the Barbicide® solution in the jar?                                                                   A: Barbicide should be changed daily in all containers used to submerge combs, brushes, shears, implements—that is all tubs, glass or plastic jars. It should also be changed whenever contaminated or diluted incorrectly.


Q: What does contact time mean on the label?
A: Contact time refers to the length of time a product must stay moist with disinfectant to be effective against the pathogens listed on the label. For Barbicide and Barbicide Plus, the contact time is 10 minutes of moist contact to be effective. For Barbicide wipes, the contact time is 2 minutes (3 minutes for effectiveness against tuberculosis).


Q: My Barbicide Plus is cloudy – have I done something wrong?
A: If you have mixed your Barbicide Plus concentrate correctly, and it has been changed daily, the cloudiness is normal. The cloudy appearance is normal for Barbicide Plus in certain types of water.

Barbicide is perhaps the most iconic of all images in the professional beauty industry…it signifies a safe, clean environment for everything from a haircut to a pedicure. All Barbicide products are EPA Registered Hospital Grade disinfectants, designed to meet the needs of state boards and assure consumers that sanitation and disinfection are important part of your business

Barbicide offers a free course to demonstrate your dedication to providing safe services in the salon. Become Barbicide Certified by visiting: