Choosing the right cutting or styling tool for the job means the difference between an average cut or a GREAT cut, so choose carefully! If you struggle with decisions like whether to reach for a razor or texturizing shears, or whether to use clips to save on time or not, maybe it’s time to develop a better strategy. Here are some simple tips for choosing the right tool to make your job easier and delivering a GREAT cut every time!

Shears1. Precision Cutting: A solid, blunt cut with no texture. Using a 5-inch shear or longer will help carve out the best lines. This is the best way to produce tight graduations, asymmetrical lines and deep angles in the hair. Use smaller shears for sculpting the hair or point cutting- they can offer more control. Haircuts that use precision cutting:

  • Bob
  • Invert
  • Stacked invert
  • Solid bang

Feather razor2. Razor Cutting: A standard feather razor will add volume and texture to any cut. This style of cutting will produce soft edges, adjustable movement and great volume to the hair. Be sure to control your pressure and strokes when cutting. The lighter the pressure, the softer the look you will create. Best haircuts to use a razor:

  • Long layers


  • Face frame
  • Pixie
  • Short radial
  • Internal texture for lift

3. The Texturizing Shear: Use this tool to remove weight and produce texture. Remember, one blade cuts while the other keeps the hair in place.


3. The Cutting Comb:    I recommend a standard cutting comb that has both narrow and wide teeth, which allows you to have more or less control of the hair. The wider side of the teeth allows for the natural texture to come though, and the narrow side is ideal for direct lines.

5. Blending Comb: I recommend using a blending comb or a flat top comb when using a clipper. This gives you more control of the hair when cutting or blending with a clipper. The comb is wider than a standard cutting comb, so there is less room for error.

BlendingComb6. Clips: Clips are essential for precision haircutting because they give you complete control over each section. They also help you work faster. A clear view of each individual section is essential when performing a precision cut.

7. Your Body: Using the proper body position when cutting is important to ensuring a long career in this industry. Always keep your arm height between your waist and your shoulders. Use proper wrist ergonomics when cutting with your shears, like cutting palm to palm.

HairClipBe aware of the customer’s head position. The proper head position will help give the cut the right shape and help maintain good back posture for you.

Are you using all of these cutting tools properly? Share your feedback  below on what works best you.