ShearsI get that all females want to have long, gorgeous movie star hair…but lets get real now. Customers should not wait 8 months between haircuts just because they want waist length hair. They need to keep their hair in shape for the marathon ahead! So of course the top question I hear after cutting off all the dead ends (that happens to be more then what they wanted to take off- but they agree it needed to be removed) “How long should I wait till my next haircut?”

An average estimate to tell customers is 3-5 weeks for males and about 6-8 for females. However, there are some factors that can decide when your next haircut should be. Here are five NEW no-calendar-needed ways your customers can tell when they need a cut!

1. Split-Ends

Split ends are easy to spot because they are thin, dry and stringy. That is easy for stylists to see, but customers just don’t know how to survey the damage. So show them what they look like. Have them wrap their hair around their fingers and see if it looks more like a porcupine than a smooth, sleek piece of hair. This test will determine if they need a cut right away or in a few weeks.

2. It tangles easy

No one wants to spend extra time in the bathroom combing the tangles out. Plus…Ouch! Most customers can identify this one, but some wait much longer then they should. If hair starts to snarl up and takes longer than usual to comb through it, that is the sign that the ends of the hair are dry and damaged and a trim is required. Don’t wait until a comb gets stuck to realize it’s time.

3. Lacking in style

Shoving fingers into the roots of the hair will not revive hair! When a hairstyle just won’t do what it used to do, it means a trim is in order. As a haircut grows out, it slowly begins to lose its shape and becomes harder to style. This means it’s time to give hair a boost and bring it back to life.

4. Lifeless curls

For most women with curly hair, shape and bounce are key. If curls don’t spring up and move like they should, it is because the hair is lacking moisture. Especially if the hair gets roughed up by heating tools. This dry feel will lead to a lack in shape and shine.  Solution: Snip, snip! Get your bounce back!

5. Blinded by hair

The most obvious way to tell a trim is needed is if the front fringe is obstructing the eyes. No one needs a master’s degree to know a trim is required now. The best way to chat with a customer about a bang trim is to let them know they can just trim the front. This can completely refresh the look in between full haircuts.

Are you a stylist and know other helpful tips for customers to identify when a haircut is needed? Share your thoughts and stories below!